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(Podcast) Having the Grit to Reset

Season 3, Episode 002: Having the Grit to Reset

It's January and if you're like many, you woke up the day after Christmas and vowed to change your life this year. You bought a new planner, dusted off the bucket list, set a career goal, and possibly spent $500 at the local health store to start a new diet.

There's something enticing about taking control of our lives...but it takes an enormous amount of discipline to reset life. To make it happen we're going to need grit.

Join us for the first episode of the new year focusing on grit—aka the courage, strength, and discipline to do tough things. We'll challenge what culture says about resetting your life, pay ridiculous attention to stories where Jesus reset people, and share from Rick's new book, Spiritual Grit (releasing April 24, 2018).


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