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Make Jesus
The Center of Your Life

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When I Pay Ridiculous Attention to Jesus

to do list is replaced with rest
strength is renewed
purpose is revealed
worries are replaced with peace

3 Weeks. 21 Days. ONE Focus.

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Ways to Pay Ridiculous Attention to Jesus

Jesus-Centered Bibles
Jesus Centered BiblesSee Jesus from Genesis to Revalation
Jesus-Centered Devotionals and Bible Studies
Devotionals & Bible StudiesPay ridiculous attention to Jesus every day
Jesus-Centered Coloring and Journals
Coloring & JournalsEnergize your right brain with Jesus


  • I am more loving and compassionate towards my husband and other people. I walk in a spirit a lot more now than I did.

  • Paying ridiculous attention to Jesus made me think in ways I hadn't before and come to know prayer in a whole new way.

  • I finally started to see myself the way Jesus sees me and I realized that he doesn't care about the things I thought he did.


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The Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus Podcast unpacks what it means to live a life that pays attention to Jesus.


Follow along as we examine life, culture, and faith through paying ridiculous attention to Jesus.


Who does Jesus say I am? Who do you say Jesus is? Join in as we examine these two pivotal life questions.

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