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It's rude not to introduce ourselves, so Hello.

We're Lifeetree*, an inter-denominational organization with a mission to connect people to Jesus and each other.

Lifetree  was birthed from a creative Christian company in Colorado called Group. Group’s been around for more than 40 years resourcing church leaders, creating experiences to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus—with stuff like Sunday school curriculum, vacation Bible school, youth ministry resources, and mission trips. But the folks at Group recognize that faith is a relationship with Jesus--not just limited to what happens at church on Sundays. So Group created Lifetree--a small team of folks to champion a fresh new vision for reaching everyday people in their everyday lives.

But what we really want you to know is that we're not a faceless organization.

We are real people, with real imperfections, real triumphs, and real struggles. And we're longing for more of Jesus in our lives in the "everyday" ways.

At Lifetree our goal is to discover more about Jesus including how to hear his creative wisdom for your family, your work, and your community.

We believe in the power of real stories from real people, and we publish articles, videos, and podcasts on parenting, marriage, and daily faith, and we create resources to help people grow in relationships with Jesus and each other.

Because relationships matter. Jesus matters. And our greatest hope is for all of us to focus on what matters most.

Every day. Starting now.

Stay tuned for more from us, and don't be a stranger. Seriously.

--the Lifetree Team


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