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(Podcast) Finding your unique balance between busy and rest

Season 2, Episode 37: Finding Your Unique Balance Between Busy and Rest

It's the last week of September and we're heading into the fastest time of the year—like boarding a water slide that’s about to speed us through the weeks ahead and then drop us feet-first into the new year.

In addition to the rush, Rick also likes to call this the season of "overs," like overspending, over-scheduling, and over-obligating ourselves.

How do we pay attention to the right things during so many “overs” and so much rush? How do we find our own balance between rest and busy (because it's not a one-size-fits-all formula)?

This episode explores the answer as Rick and Becky take a look at the Jewish holiday calendar and discuss how it was specifically designed to lead people from season to season. Then they ZOOM in at how Jesus handled his schedule, obligations, and time, and how we can follow his lead by letting the Holy Spirit--not culture or the expectations of others--set our schedules..


Bonus: Check out our holiday planner that's more than a planner! It's an invitation to slow down, pay ridiculous attention to Jesus, and pay ridiculous attention to others in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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