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Six free Bible-reading plans to try

Reading through the Bible can feel like a daunting task, but like any big endeavor, breaking it down into bite-size chunks makes it easier. One tool that helps us do this, plus keeps Bible-reading fun and interesting, is Bible-reading plans.

Usually centered on a theme or a time frame, these reading plans give you new verses to read every day, plus questions to think about as you read.

Easy, right?

Here are six free Jesus-Centered Bible-reading plans to try:

  1. Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus | 7 days | PDF
  2. One Year Reading Plan from the Jesus-Centered Bible | 12 months | PDF
  3. Jesus Answers 9 Essential Questions | 9 days | YouVersion
  4. Nothing But Jesus | 3 days | YouVersion
  5. Jesus-Centered Family Reading Plan | 7 days | YouVersion
  6. What Do We Know For Sure About Jesus | 25 days | YouVersion
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