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(Podcast) What Jesus Says About Your Body

Season 2, Episode 16: What Jesus Says About Your Body

We’re wrapping up our month-long theme on identity, be sure you go back and listen to all four episodes in the series. We couldn't finish a series on identity without talking about body image. Join us this week as we interview Jobe Lewis and talk about his very unique journey towards combining his body and spirit. Jobe has a passionate message to encourage people to ditch their scales, focus on health and combine the spiritual health with fitness in everyday life.

What would it look like if we de-compartmentalized Jesus from our diet and body images and instead invited him into them? Becky took a challenge a year ago and did a two week dieting experiment, you can listen to her journey here.

Start your own 2-week diet challenge with Jesus with our free download, this diet will set you free. Because self-improvement is overrated, paying ridiculous attention to Jesus is better.

Remember we are inviting our regular listeners to join the pigs. We'll invite you to a closed Facebook group where the community and conversation is already getting exciting! Here's the sign up page.

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