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Be a Pig

Wallowing in the mud puddle stories with Jesus

"A chicken might offer up an egg for the meal, but the pig gives his life for it."

Living a Jesus-Centered Life starts with slowing down and paying better attention to the greatest person who ever lived, Jesus. This is a group for people who want to join us in living a pig's life. How do you know if you're a pig?

  • You offer yourself up to Jesus without reservation because you can't help yourself (or you want to).
  • You're ruined by Jesus, and ruined for him.
  • If Jesus were to ask you if you are going to leave him too, your response would be "where else would I go."
  • You understand that attachment is better than application.

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Joining the pigs is an invitation to live this all in life with Jesus along with us. We'll pray for you, connect you to each other in a private facebook group, ask for your insights, give you challenges, shares new stuff with you and sends you presents from time to time. In other words we want to invite you into friendship with us. Put your information in below and we'll get started.

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