(Podcast) Followers Who Follow

We call ourselves “followers” of Jesus, but how do you follow when you’re having a hard time seeing where the path is leading? Join Rick us as we discuss what it means to understand God’s will [...]

(Podcast) The Right and Wrong About Right and Wrong

We know that rash decisions made in our own strength lead to trouble. But the alternative--timid prayers that tiptoe around each and every step--is not much better.So how do we make decisions [...]

(Podcast) The Unreasonable Jesus

Just about everyone likes Jesus. Christians adore him. Muslims respect him. Even Jews think he has interesting things to say. If only Jesus didn’t have a habit of being completely unreasonable.

(Podcast) Is Too Much Bible Bad?

It’s often said that too much of a good thing can be bad. It’s true of ice cream and sunshine, but does it also apply to reading the Bible? Join Rick as he welcomes author Mikal Keefer to [...]

(Podcast) Hard is Good…Eventually

Imagine you’re facing hardship and you call out to Jesus. There’s an answer, but maybe it’s not quite what you envisioned or desired. Now what? Join us as they examine what it looks like to have [...]

(Podcast) Myths, Lies, and Propaganda About Prayer

If prayer is just conversation with Jesus...why do we talk so funny when we do it? Join Rick as he continues a month-long look at core spiritual strengths by focusing on prayer. During the [...]

(Podcast) Finding Life After Lament

Lament, which stems from pain, mourning, and loss, is often viewed in a negative light. But what if we told you that lamenting is actually a core spiritual strength?

(Podcast) The Downside of Empathy

Empathy is usually seen as a positive thing...so why didn't Jesus use it to set people free? Join Rick and Becky as they wrap up a month-long focus on resetting your life by examining the [...]

(Podcast) Pursuing a Life of Being You

Join Rick and Becky as they discuss what it looks like to pursue a life of self-differentiation, which is staying true to yourself particularly when surrounded by forces trying to make you a [...]


Cherish: An Excerpt on Marriage

CHERISH (an excerpt from Alter Girl) Within the overarching sacrament of marriage, I’ve been delighted throughout the years to discover all the additional sacraments tucked inside. One that my [...]

(Podcast) Why Hard Things Are Hard

Join Rick and Becky as they dive into the story of the rich young ruler (Matthew 19), focusing on how Jesus asks him to do something seemingly impossible. Continuing a month-long theme on [...]

(Podcast) Having the Grit to Reset

The prospect of resetting your life is very motivating, but you'll need grit to see it through. Join Rick as he shares from his new book, Spiritual Grit, and casts an encouraging vision for the [...]