Make me much more--and much less--like my toddler

Everyone calls them "the terrible twos." I think "the erratic, wonderful, odd, enjoyable, peculiar, rewarding and even the inconsistent twos" may be a better fit now that I’m experiencing them as [...]


(Podcast) 6 hot mess confessions from moms on the first day of school

In parenting, milestones like the first day of school (whether it's preschool, kindergarten, or college) stir up a lot of hot mess feelings. We're ready for our kids to move forward, but we [...]


(Podcast) Surprising Benefits of Boredom for Kids


God chose you as your child's parent for a reason

I can remember the birth of my first son, Dylan, like it was yesterday: the way he looked and smelled, how he felt in my arms, and how unprepared I felt. I’d carried this baby for 38 weeks and in [...]


10 Things I'm Not Doing Just Because Pinterest Says So

I have this phrase that I like to say when I blow it in some area. Like recently, when I overcooked some chicken in the crockpot, by...like...10 hours, I said: "That's okay. I'm good at enough [...]


Depression and Motherhood

The day I was officially diagnosed with depression, I cried. I mean, I had been crying for weeks, but this was different. I was crying because my crying had a name. A name I feared. I was [...]


Learning How to Be a Mother in Uncharted Territory

I always knew I wanted to be a mom; that motherhood would be part of my story. I still remember the night my husband and I sat up late picking our three possible boy names and three possible girl [...]


Compliment Deflected

Compliment my kid and I just don't know what to do. I've worked a long time to figure out how to accept compliments on my own behalf, but even with best friends and supportive strangers there is [...]


Not Enough Mom to Go Around

I am a mom of a toddler and twins, which is sort of a terrifying math problem. You see, I only have two arms. Three kids, but only two legs to sit on. Three kids, but only two eyes to watch with. [...]


Advice from a mother who's been there

There's only two and a half years from my youngest to oldest three biological kids. Let me paint this picture in practicality on a trip to Target when they were little. I figured out the “kid [...]


Excited About My Own Life

We've been potty training over here. Well, more like reinforcing potty training. My 3-year-old is technically "trained" except for a diaper at nap and bedtime. And the occasional accident when he [...]


Stop Calling Me "Super Mom"

I was at Target the other day. (Seriously, 80% of my stories start this way.) Anyway, I was at Target waiting while the checker ran to pick something up for me. I was just standing there with my [...]

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