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5 Tips for Parenting Kids Smarter Than You

Let’s be honest.  This generation is stronger…faster…more bionic than any generation in history. 

They’re digitally hard-wired to a world-wide brain that connects continents and kings.

These days kids can program  a smartphone and unlock the parental controls in the cable box before they're potty trained.

I've come to the conclusion that they’re just smarter than us.

Not that math has ever been a strong suit for me, but I stopped understanding the homework of my boys when they hit about 3rd grade.  And when my high school sophomore took the Calculus AP test and got the highest score available…I simply knew it was over.

I had smart kids. And they're smarter than me.  And worse….they know it.

So now what do I do when they ask me a question about homework?

I follow these five simple guidelines that unite dummies around the world and I call it quality parenting.

Number 5: If they get the better of you, punch them in the arm.  Forget ‘violence begets violence’!  Just slug them…and then run.  Because chances are they’re faster than you are, too!

 Number 4:  “Ask your mom.”  Really, it could be anyone – mom, the mailman, YOUR TEACHER??!  That’s what we’re paying them for, right?  It’s not that I don’t know the answer – it’s that I want to make sure others have equal opportunity to answer and that my tax dollars are properly utilized.

 Number 3:  “Honey, if I give you the answer, you’ll never learn how to do it on your own.  Take a risk.  Do the best you can.  And let the chips fall where they may.  I’m sure your teacher will reward your hard effort.”  Not bad, right?!

 Number 2:  Sarcasm.  It’s simple.  Sarcasm will do two of a few things:  it will sidetrack them long enough as they formulate their own sarcastic response  that you might have a chance to distract them from their original question OR it will shame them enough that they feel like the dumb ones just for asking.  Either way – you win.

 And Number 1:  Just confess.  “You’re smarter than me – no doubt.  I didn’t have to do all that stuff when I was in school.  But I’m bigger than you.  And I supply everything you need.  And if you ever remind me how much smarter than me you are – ever again – this gravy train dries up, baby.”

They might be smarter than their dad – but I have more money (on most days) and a LOT more experience.


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