When did my son become the man in the mirror? Thoughts on kids growing up.

One day we wake up and realize we’re not children anymore. Another day, we wake up and realize our children aren't children anymore. (Ouch! Yeah, this is going to be one of those posts. Sorry - [...]


Tips for Helping Tweens with Friendship Drama

By the time we finished praying we both were in tears. You see, my daughter and I had spent almost an hour working through the first chapter of a book on godly friendship for tweens (10 to [...]


3 Conversations I Never Thought I Would Have With My Teen

Teenagers! Just that one word evokes many different responses, doesn’t it? I only have one teenager so I’m not sure how qualified that makes me to talk about them. And truth be told, she's a [...]


13 Signs Your Kid is Graduating from High School and You’re Totally Losing It

(photo credit: Lee De Monico for WestportNow.com) If you're like me, you've never paid much attention to "graduation season hoopla" until you realized this is the year that will adorn your [...]


I have growing pains about my kids growing up

Last night my kids came home to tell me about a friend whose parents had just bought them a brand new car. Then we all laughed really hard. Our family reality is that this kind of gift will not [...]


3 Things I Forget About My Teens

It all started about three months ago. The baby of the family started growing up. Backstory: my daughter’s body got ahead of her last year when she went from 5’ 2” at the start of the school year [...]


Before We Compare Ourselves To Other Parents...

She was sitting in front of me at the mandatory annual parent meeting. Her teeth were obviously whitened by a dentist, not a hair out of place, make-up gorgeously applied, and looking like she’d [...]


5 Guilty Confessions From A Mom Of Teens

I was tired and cranky on the ride home. My daughter was drowning out the high-pitched squeal of the air conditioner fan by turning up the radio volume to max. My son asked a question I couldn’t [...]


Is a conversation powerful enough to stop bullying?

There's A LOT of parenting stuff on Facebook. Pictures of people's kids. Shared articles about how to get them to [fill in the blank here with whatever you need your kids to do right now. Sleep? [...]


3 Questions To Ask Before Your Teen Starts Dating

It kicks in at different ages for different kids.   All of a sudden bodies change and hormones take over and our teens want the label of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” They’ve noticed that they [...]


How to Get Your Teen to Start Talking to You Again

You're familiar with the following stereotype, right? Parent: "Anything happen at school today?" Teenager: (Grunts something incoherent while texting friends on an overpriced smartphone) Parent: [...]


3 Things To Remember When Standing Your Ground With Teens

I was standing in line for a cup of late afternoon coffee when the phone rang. It was my thirteen-year-old on the other end having a total meltdown. She had forgotten her homework at school and [...]

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