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(Podcast) What The Book Of Revelation Has To Do With You

Season 2, Episode 42: What The Book Of Revelation Has To Do With You

Revelation is one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible.

It's tantalizing reputation for offering signs that predict the future attract many people. But many others are skeptical, and even alarmed, by the images it depicts.

How does this strange book apply to our lives? Is it a secret code that can accurately predict future events, or just a vision John (author of Revelation) had that only fits within the reality of ancient Rome?

Rick and Becky offer insights on both as they take a high-level view of the whole book of Revelation, focusing on Jesus as the central figure to pay attention to.

They also linger on one particularly relevant section that we can unquestionably apply to our modern lives--the warnings Jesus gave to each of the seven churches. These warnings are sure to encourage and also challenge each of us.

This episode marks the end of our series on the supernatural. If you're just joining us check out our last three episodes: What is Supernatural? Spotting Supernatural Red Flags and Daring to Live Supernaturally.


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