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(Podcast) Daring to Live Supernaturally

Season 2, Episode 41: Daring to Live Supernaturally


Welcome to part three of our series on the supernatural. We started off our series defining the supernatural. Then last week we tackled the ugly underbelly of the supernatural, plus how you can spot red flags.

This week we examine the positive role of the supernatural and how you can experience its power in your life. Join us as we speed read through Acts Chapters 9 & 10 and look at how the early church participated in the role of the Spirit in their lives.

During this conversation, we'll ask: What similarities and differences do we see from their promptings of the Holy Spirit and those of our own lives? What can we do to unlock the power within us and live a more Spirit-driven life? Most importantly, what are the positive benefits of living a life that's prompted by the Spirit within us?


P.S. Becky made a mistake in this episode (she's human, and sorry). Phillip wasn't stoned--it was Stephen.

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