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(Podcast) On Loving Ourselves

Episode 018: On loving ourselves

Kate's doing it. So is Gwenyth. Glennon and Brene talk about it, and so does your best friend. Everyone is saying that we need to do a better job of loving ourselves.

And you know what? They're right. It's really easy to give and give until we have nothing left but a parched soul and seriously overdue beauty rituals (we're talking to you, dark roots).

But here's the thing. They're also wrong about loving ourselves. To hear why, listen in as Becky, Kami and Steph talk about love, balance, and self-care.

More from this Episode:

Resource Gush: Center Your Life on Jesus, A 40-Day Devotional

Center Your Life on Jesus zooms in on questions that Jesus asked and allows you to dig deeper into what these questions show you about who Jesus says you are and who you say Jesus is. When we pay ridiculous attention to Jesus in this way he becomes the strength in your life.

  • We like it because loving yourself is actually hard but attaching yourself to Jesus and seeing his love pour out is easier.
  • Plus Jesus asked some pretty cool questions.

>> Learn more about Center Your Life on Jesus

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