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(Podcast) Every Growing Thing Changes

Season 2, Episode 36: Every Growing Thing Changes

We don't know about you, but the prospect of personal and spiritual growth is encouraging. Even more encouraging is the promise of the Holy Spirit to actively help us grow.

If only he didn't use change as a way to do it.

At least when we get to choose the change--like accepting a new job or deciding to move--we can embrace the inevitable bumps with a sense of "well, I did ask for this" bravery.

But when we don't choose the change, or when it surprises us with its difficulty, we tend to freak out a little. Okay--maybe a lot.

Join Rick, Becky, and special guest, Kami, as they discuss how change--even (especially!) the painful kind--produces growth in our spirits and in our relationships. Listen in as the conversation flows from Jesus' many teachings on organic, growing things, the lessons we can learn from his metaphors, and ideas for thriving during times of change.


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