Release My Grip


Hope for a Parent’s Heart as Kids Leave the Nest and Learn to Fly


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By Kami Gilmour

Saying goodbye to a child as they leave the nest and learn to fly ushers parents into an emotional time of grief, joy and nostalgia. Release My Grip, by popular blogger Kami Gilmour, offers inspiration and practical insight as she reveals the surprising truth she learned while knee-deep in this sacred season of parenthood. Often humorous and always honest and hope-filled, these stories have equipped and encouraged the hearts of millions on the popular SoulFeed blog.

In this keepsake book, you'll discover how this time can be fertile ground for deepening your relationship with Jesus. You'll also gain the practical tools you need to help you pause, reflect, and capture the words on your heart during your own unique journey as a parent of a young adult fledgling—from high school graduation through the years that follow.

With every chapter of Release My Grip, you'll find:

  • Compelling reflection questions that draw you into the peace of God's presence and promise, gently shifting your focus from the loss you feel to the richness and hope of a new season that's just beginning.
  • Relevant Scriptures to ponder—words that reveal God's heart, bringing relief and hope in the midst of wondering and worrying.
  • Practical challenges that help you adjust to the rhythm of life's "new normal" and maintain meaningful connection with your young adult child.
  • Journaling spaces that make it easy to capture your letting-go journey as it unfolds, making this book a treasured keepsake to reflect back upon.