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21 days of paying ridiculous attention to Jesus

Release your worries, get out of bed excited each day, and discover more purpose in your life by filling your heart with the creativity and surprise of Jesus.

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downloadable 2 week diet challenge

2-week Jesus-centered diet challenge

Based on They Say episodes 4 & 5, this 2-week diet challenge gives the Holy Spirit an opportunity to speak to you personally about your diet. Using prompts, devotions, journal pages, and Bible verses, you'll find new freedom by kicking your inner "mean girl" to the curb.

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7-days of centering on Jesus: a week long daily devotional

Receive a new devotion in your email inbox every morning for one week. They’re short and simple, and because they focus on listening to Jesus, they’ll change your life.

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Let's Talk About Money

7 devotions for connecting with Jesus about "the green stuff"

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7 day bible reading plan

Paying ridiculous attention to Jesus: a 7-day Bible reading plan

Spend 7 days paying ridiculous attention to Jesus with this simple but powerful Bible reading plan. Each day includes a Scripture reading plus a devotion.

Also available on the YouVersion app.

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Take a retreat with your greatest friend…Jesus

This is Rick Lawrence's go to guide from years of experience on what to bring, what to wear, ideas for your time away with Jesus, and much more.

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Busy doesn't fix boredom: surprising ideas for moms this summer

Summer boredom is no joke. But the way to beat summer boredom isn’t what you think. This free download includes a surprising secret for beating summer boredom and saving your sanity.

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Printable holiday planner

Get ready to have your best family Thanksgiving and Christmas E.V.E.R. with this printable planner. Download it now to get an early start on holiday planning!

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Daily Routine Planner

Before you dive into daily planning and routine-making, here's a suggestion: invite Jesus into the process. Here's a nifty printable handbook to help.

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Super simple 4-week Advent challenge

Get started now by downloading a 4-week calendar full of simple ideas to try.

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