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Ditch the diet "rules" and "programs" for a better way

Free 2-week diet challenge centered on Jesus

When They Say podcast producer, Becky, asked the following question, it started an unexpected chain-reaction.

"I wonder what would happen if we tossed out our diet rules for two weeks and let Jesus lead us instead?"

What followed was a 2-week dieting "experiment" that generated the most surprising results. As it turns out, Jesus has a lot to say about this topic of dieting, and his words are unique for each of us. Some of the things he said during this challenge included:

  • "This is not the priority I have for you right now, and yet you keep making it one."
  • "Yes, have that Rolo. And no--don't go foraging for all the chocolate you can find after you eat it."
  • "You're making healthy too hard."
  • "You're beautiful to me."

Beyond his individual messages for us, Jesus consistently offered one common gift time and time again: freedom.

Friend, he has freedom for you, too.

And unique, custom-made messages he wants to share with you about dieting.

Give him a chance to say them. Try the 2-week challenge today.

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