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Come spend the next 21 days paying ridiculous attention to Jesus

Release your worries, get out of bed excited each day, and discover more purpose in your life by filling your heart with the creativity and surprise of Jesus. He'll meet you in unexpected ways, and change your life.

This free devotional series includes daily emails with simple ideas that connect you to Jesus, including:

  • Unconventional prayers for everyday moments like social media browsing, mealtime, and shopping
  • Unique Bible-reading ideas that will have you seeing Jesus in a new way
  • Bonus ebook with all 21 devotions plus journaling spaces

Ready to get started?

This FREE 21-day devotional series delivers a new devotion to your inbox every morning. They’re short and simple, and because they focus on listening to Jesus, they’ll change your life.

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21-day devotion for centering on Jesus

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