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Take a retreat with your greatest friend...Jesus

Every year Rick takes time by himself to go away at least once a quarter. Sometimes it's just a day, other times it's for 3 nights. The goal of this time is to get away from all the distractions and spend time with his best friend in the universe, Jesus.

This is Rick's go to guide from years of experience on what to bring, what to wear, ideas for your time away with Jesus and much more. When you get away with Jesus:

  • You'll open up the opportunity for Jesus to name you, and rid yourself of the shackles this world is putting on you.
  • You'll encounter unexpected invitations for adventure and wonder. This is a chance to play on the playground with Jesus and take some risks.
  • Your heart will fill up with the peace, joy, and surprise of the true Jesus. He's not who you think he is, and you'll never want to go back.

Having a retreat with Jesus isn't complicated. To help prepare you, we'll include a FREE 21-day devotional series centered on him. Every morning you'll receive a new devotion in your email inbox. They're short and simple, and because they focus on listening to Jesus, they'll change your life.

Getting started is easy. Enter your email below to get your downloadable Retreat with Jesus and start your 21-Day series of Jesus-Interruptions.

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Psst: 21 days feel too long? Download this 7-day Bible reading plan instead.


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