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Is it time for a fresh start?

Introducing a free download to help you start a new routine

Have you grown trigger-happy with the snooze button?
Are you nursing a list of goals you plan to start on Monday? (Did you also have this same list last Monday...?)
Are you currently avoiding your to-do list by procrastinating online Right Now?

Sounds like it's the perfect time to get back on track, and we've all been there before.

But before you go on a cleanse, declutter your house from top to bottom, and color-code your calendar for the next 90 days, we have a suggestion:

Invite Jesus into your fresh start.

Why? Because as it turns out, you're actually NOT the best judge of how to spend your time. He is. And he has great ideas about what will truly freshen your days in this new season.

Inviting Jesus into your fresh start is easy with this free handbook for pursuing a new Jesus-centered daily routine.

It's full of creative ideas, worksheets, and reflections about how to get back on track and manage your time.

Start today. Get the download now.

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