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Excited About My Own Life

We've been potty training over here.

Well, more like reinforcing potty training. My 3-year-old is technically "trained" except for a diaper at nap and bedtime. And the occasional accident when he is too engrossed in play to stop and pee.

But pooping on the potty is still a giant deal.

We have a treasure box that he can choose from when he poops on the potty. We jump and dance and give high fives. We even FaceTime with Daddy at work so he can brag about his accomplishment. Pooping on the potty is a GIANT deal.

The other day, I was sitting by myself at the kitchen table while my son and husband played in our playroom. I received a delightful, unexpected text from a friend of mine that her schedule cleared up which meant she would be joining our couples bible study with her husband.

I was THRILLED! We LOVE this couple. Capital letters, bold, highlight, exclamation mark. L-O-V-E.

Upon receiving this text, I jumped out of my seat and shouted, "YAY!"

My son ran in from the other room and excitedly exclaimed, "DID I GO POOPOO ON THE POTTY?!"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was indignant.

I can be excited about my own dang life, kid!

Sometimes, YAY!-worthy things happen to ME withOUT your involvement. My enthusiasm does NOT revolve solely around your bowel habits, thank you very much.

I explained that mommy was excited because she got some good news from a friend. With a big smile across his face he asked, "Does that make you so happy?" Yes, buddy, it does. "YAY! Mommy's happy!"

See, my excitement is also his. He's learning to share in others' joy by the measure that I share in his, no matter how small or silly (or moderately disgusting) his joy may seem.

Most of the time, my greatest excitement for the day IS related to his excrement. That doesn't sound very glamorous or enticing, but there are also days when my greatest excitement is watching him learn something new or his sisters light up when he enters a room, and there is magic and sparkles and sunshine in my soul.

This IS my own life, and it is overflowing with ordinary excitement. My son's excitement is mine. Just as mine is the Lord's.

Maybe pooping in the potty sounds rather low and lacks the luster of independant accomplishments or adult relationships, but if I have to throw a PooPoo Dance Party to get to throw a Graduation Party in 15 years, I'll take it.

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