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Why Is Jesus Always So Annoyed?

Season 3, Episode 26: Why Is Jesus Always So Annoyed?

As Christians, we’re probably most familiar with the loving and grace-filled side of Jesus. And we’ve heard about the angry, flipping tables in the temple side of Jesus.

But what about the bothered, miffed, or the downright annoyed side of Jesus?

Join Rick as he wraps up a month-long series highlighting tough aspects of Jesus by focusing on examples when Jesus seems frustrated and annoyed with people.

Turning to the Bible, we’ll slow down and pay attention to passages where Jesus appears particularly irked including Luke 4 where he is rejected in his home town of Nazareth.


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  • Shane Bekker

    I just noticed that the picture above displaying the child poking his tongue out has Season 3 Episode 25 next to it. Isn’t that meant to be Episode 26?

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