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(Podcast) Episode 013: Defining humility with Eugene Peterson

Episode 013: Defining humility with Eugene Peterson

 In a world that is consumed with themselves and their own happiness it is a certain treasure to see people who are completely unaware of their own success and also not afraid to boldly say exactly what they mean. Join Rick Lawrence, Becky Hodges and special guest Eugene Peterson (author of The Message and many other well known books) as they unpack technology, observing the Sabbath, the Megachurch, and Eugene's first experience with a "mash-pit" at a Bono concert. Let's just say it's a delightful conversation.

Join us as we wrestle with the tension of a man who is so obviously humble and also unafraid of saying completely bold and even offensive things. Read the full interview here.


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  • Shane Bekker

    I have found this podcast about humility interesting to hear in your interview with Eugene Peterson. I would agree with him on the view of the church becoming so big that you cannot develop meaningful relationships in the church. they are superficial (shallow), and you will find that there are people who want the platform but not have the relationship with God or man to the degree that they can be really effective for the church to grow in the nature of Christ to properly represent His body. I have attached an hour long message from John Bevere on Humility. When I watched this, it affected how I see myself before God and man. I have my own personal definition of humility, which is, ‘Strength of Character, knowing who you are in Christ, walking in obedience to the Holy Spirit.’ How many people have this as a check to their life? Would we relate better if we did followed this to be able to pay ridiculous attention to Jesus. . I love your podcasts. I listen to them every Saturday morning while having bacon and eggs for breakfast. This gets my day happening in a fresh tone as opposed to what the week has been. Thankyou for your ministry and keep paying ridiculous attention to Jesus.

    • Becky Hodges

      Thank you so much for sharing Shane! Recording Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus is my favorite part of the week as well. It is such a pleasure to think of all of you listening. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we will see you next year!

  • Ali

    Hello! I am catching up on episodes- and in this one you reference a Sabbath calendar- a task.chore calendar to help one prep for the Sabbath. I don’t see anything – I may be overlooking the show notes? THANK YOU!

  • Robert J DeVassie

    I have truly enjoyed your podcasts. Everyone that I’ve been able to listen to has given me different insights and allowed me to know Jesus’s heart little bit more. The funny thing about this one was that I was already looking into The Message, and somehow drawn to it. Then hearing this episode on The Message made it clear that this was God’s Will to read it. Thank you.

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  • […] Eugene Peterson is a lyrical writer, scholar, and skilled linguist whose day job  for most of his life was pastoring a small church. In 1990, Peterson agreed to begin work on a Bible version that translated the ancient languages into something more vibrant for contemporary readers. He had no idea this 12-year project would one day sell more than 10 million copies, changing the way we read and understand Scripture and attracting high-profile fans of his work, including Bono of the iconic rock band U2. Peterson is also the author of many bestselling books, including A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, Like Dew Your Youth, Leap Over a Wall, and Working the Angles. He’s now 85 years old and lives in his family’s Montana cabin overlooking the shore of a mountain lake. Peterson looks and sounds grandfatherly, and is so self-effacing that it comes as something of a shock when his opinions about the contemporary church, and the norms of the wider culture, are delivered with a bite. Though he no longer accepts speaking engagements and spends much of his time living quietly at home with Jan, his wife of many years, Peterson agreed to spend 30 minutes with me on the phone, talking about a wide range of topics. To hear the podcast, visit […]

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