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The Cursing Jesus

Season 3, Episode 25: The Cursing Jesus

Profanity. It has the ability to shock, disrespect, and hurt people. Your mom would wash out your mouth for using it, and the Bible gives warnings about speaking it.

So why did Jesus use it?

Join Rick and special guest Stephanie Hillberry as they continue a month-long series looking at tough aspects of Jesus by examining what’s behind Jesus’ use of seemingly profane words.

Diving into to the Bible, we’ll slow down and pay attention to Matthew 23 where Jesus calls Pharisees "hypocrites," "white-washed tombs," and "snakes."


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  • carrie Sant

    Good thoughts but don’t like the suggestion that Jesus was deliberately inciting the Pharasees to get him to the cross. I don’t think that he was deliberately inciting them but rather He was living congruently speaking in the truth without fear and in obedience and harmony with His Father not being a pleaser of men for His own benefit but speaking out against injustice and hypocrisy especially when it was from those supposedly representative of God the Father. (A bit like concert ticket touts who make extortionate profits from buying up tickets and selling them at inflated prices )
    He didn’t come to go to the cross He came to show us how to live without fear totally trusting God even to the extent of allowing us to crucify Him and then showing us how, even when betrayed misjudged and victimised, with total trust in our relationship with the Father we can choose to forgive. We will see Gods kingdom come and our world will be saved when we can follow this example.

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