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(Podcast) The dieting experiment that's not a diet--part 2

Episode 005 (Part 2): They say diets and exercise programs give us control. Jesus says surrender, not control, is his heart and hope for us.

When our producer, Becky, recently suggested a two-week dieting experiment that involved Jesus, we jumped on board. In a world full of dieting programs (we've tried SO many of them), plus 30-day bikini body challenges, it felt adventurous to try something radically different.

In this second part of our series, we reconnect with Kami to see how's she's doing now that the challenge is over, plus she shares the most heartfelt story (seriously). We also get to hear from Becky about how her experiment went, and to marvel at how creative God is. Here's what we mean...

More from this Episode:

Healthy Eating and Abundant Living

Resource Gush: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living

Healthy Eating and Abundant Living, written by Allie Marie Smith from Wonderfully Made and Judy Halliday, is a six-week study that you can do by yourself or with friends. It’s an invitation to step away from the world’s advice and programs and diets and really study and reflect on what God has to say to us about our bodies. Plus it's full of activities, assessments, prayers, and journaling prompts throughout all six weeks that will leave you encouraged and full of hope.

Other Links:

Try the 2-week dieting challenge for yourself

We were so encouraged, surprised, and inspired by this challenge that we want to invite you to try it, too. To help, we created this download full of prayer prompts, journal pages, Bible verses to reflect on, plus a few bonus activities to try.

We're all so unique, and God speaks to us so differently, that honestly we're so excited to hear how this challenge goes for you. Get started today!

To get this awesome resource, plus others like it, we just need your email!


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  • […] What would it look like if we de-compartmentalized Jesus from our diet and body images and instead invited him into them? Becky took a challenge a year ago and did a two-week dieting experiment, you can listen to her journey here. […]

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