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(Podcast) The Unexpected Gift of Coming Up Empty

Episode 003: The Unexpected Gift of Coming Up Empty

Have you ever had a moment in life when you've been working so hard, and doing everything you can, and at the end of the day you're just coming up empty?

Jesus is dead. The disciples have heard that he's risen, but they don't know what to do. They're being hunted for their lives and have no idea what to do. So they go back to their fishing jobs.

They fish all night and come up empty. We've been there.

Join us as we zoom-in on the disciples in a time of hopelessness and watch how Jesus pulled them out of it.

What happened will surprise you.

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  • Cris

    Thanks for the suggestion to rearrange my apps on my phone. I just did that and I am excited to see how it changes how I spend my spare moments and wait time. Love the podcast! Thanks.

  • bryan

    I’ve never been to your website before now. I don’t listen to podcasts longer than 30 seconds, until now.
    Thank you for this. I needed it.

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