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(Podcast) The Right and Wrong About Right and Wrong

Season 3, Episode 011: The Right and Wrong About Right and Wrong

We know that rash decisions made in our own strength lead to trouble. But the alternative--timid prayers that tiptoe around each and every step--is not much better.

So how do we make decisions about what's right and wrong? How do we walk the line between our own common sense and Jesus' divine guidance?

Join Rick and dear friend of the show Becky (aka the Beckynator) as they dive into a discussion about right and wrong. Turning to the Bible, they slow down and pay ridiculous attention to Luke 12, a passage where Jesus challenges weak decision-making and presents a compelling alternative.


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  • Claudia

    I wish you would include a transcript because it’s hard for me to stay focused when only listening.

    • Frances Schnarre

      Me, too.

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