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(Podcast) Episode 006 What does it mean to hear Jesus' voice?

Episode 006: What does it mean to hear Jesus' voice?

Can you really hear the voice of Jesus? How do you know if it's Jesus's voice or your own voice? What if I try to talk to Jesus and he doesn't say anything back? Do I really believe Jesus can talk to me?

Rick and Becky talk often about hearing the voice of Jesus...and we started to get all kinds of questions about it. So we thought we would take a step back and share our own experiences hearing the voice of God. What we do to make sure it's God's voice not our own and how we can learn to be like children when we experience God.

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  • Kelly Taylor

    I am so excited to hear your podcasts about Paying ridiculous attention to God. The perspectives are things that haven’t thought of. I do wish Becky’s voice came through as loud as Rick’s. I’m constantly adjusting the volume. Thank you for sharing!

  • Rae?

    I love this. I’ve gone so far into what “rules” Im failing to keep that this makes me feel so enlightened…again. I was taught wrong for over 20 years!!
    Thank you!! ?

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