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(Podcast) What is God's Will?

Season 2, Episode 17: What is God's Will?

"What is God's perfect will?"

"What if I misunderstand his will?"

"If I get on God's perfect track, does that mean my life will be perfect?"

"Does God always want to make the choices, or does he have some choices I can make?"

"What about free will?"

"Is God's mind made up, or can he change his mind?"

Join us this month as we talk about "What is God's Will?"

It's so confusing to think about God's will. This week we're going to zoom in on the story of the Roman soldier who asks Jesus to perform a miracle. We're going to slow way down and pay attention to the things Jesus did and didn't do.

We've heard from our listeners on the go that when we talk about related resources on the show, often they forget where to go find them or to download them later. We're setting up an email list that will send you the related resources each week from the episode so that you don't have to remember to. Sign up for the new totally hands free podcast experience.

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