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(Podcast) Partnering with Jesus to Set People Free

Season 2, Episode 15: Partnering with Jesus to Set People Free

This month on Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus Podcast we're focusing identity, and who does Jesus say I am? Last week we talked about what it looks like to be set free from the shackles that are burdening us, and tripping us up. This week we are going to talk about what it would look like if we partnered with Jesus to set other people free.

Join Rick Lawrence and Becky Hodges as they unpack the lyrics from a Christian song written in the 80's about freedom, and what it feels like to patiently partner with the Holy Spirit for someone else's freedom from captivity.

Become a Pig! After three weeks we have decided on a name for our group we are inviting you to. If you have no idea what that is you might want to pick up Rick's Jesus-Centered Life, there's a chapter called "Living a Pig Life" that will make this very clear. This group will get special emails from Rick and Becky as well as be invited to a private Facebook group focused on wading in the mud puddle stories of Jesus. Join the pigs or learn more.

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