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(Podcast) When Jesus Names You

Season 2, Episode 013: When Jesus Names You

Who does Jesus say I am?

When I first met Rick, he talked a lot about this question. He said it was the second most important question in life. That question scared me, because I have been raised in a world of broken mirrors. Those mirrors have decided to point out all the things that are "wrong" with me, and deep down inside I thought that's what Jesus was going to do too. When I finally let Jesus in, he set me free.

His names were: chosen, daughter, rain that fertilizes and makes things grow, protected, wise, and a destroyer of darkness.

He also told me that my life was a beautiful mess, a perfect artwork and that even in the ashes of my darkness he was making a fertile and wild garden. This week join us as we talk about the way Jesus makes art with people's lives. We'll share our own practical insights on how we have created space in our lives for Jesus to name us. BONUS Rick wrote a fantastic new free download with his "how to guide" on having a spiritual retreat with Jesus, sign up for the member group to get your copy.

We will also be inviting our listeners to join a special group. There's no charge to be a part of it, but if you are a regular listener here we want to broaden our relationship with you. We will randomly choose people to give stuff to you, reach out to get your input and advice on things and we're going to be praying for you. Click on the button above to join.

This week we are releasing a new resource called Namesake, it's a new Jesus-Centered Devotional Coloring book. Each page is a reflection of who Jesus says you are paired reflection coloring page.


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  • Janet Wilson

    I have not found the other podcast link about the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ cloak. Can you post it again, please? Thank you.

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