(Podcast) 600 Days of 24/7 Jesus

What if your relationship with Jesus was a 24/7 event where he is invited into every moment, not just a set period of time often brought about a typical quiet time? Join Becky and special guest [...]


(Podcast) Namesake: Revealing Who Jesus Says You Are

Join Kami, Becky and Steph as they celebrate the release of a new Jesus-Centered resource called Namesake and zone in on the question of “Who does Jesus say you are?” Along the way, they share [...]

(Podcast) Freedom with Sarah Bessey

An honest conversation about how God is giving this bestselling author greater “freedom from captivity” in life, showing her the true source of discipline, and how gentle the voice of the Holy [...]

(Podcast) When Jesus Names You

What does it look like when Jesus names us? Join us this week as we share our personal stories of being named.


(Podcast) How to say hard things

Saying hard things stinks, but sometimes it’s the path to freedom. In this podcast episode, Becky and Steph share stories of confrontation from their own lives, including initiating conflict, and [...]


(Podcast) Finding Freedom At The Bottom Of The Glass

Get ready to tackle a touchy subject with grace and hope: Drinking. After encountering several blog posts, texts, and talks on booze, Steph, Kami, and Becky decided to dive into a candid [...]


(Podcast) Sex and intimacy with Dr. Tasha Levert

Dr. Tasha Levert joins Kami and Steph for a conversation about sex and intimacy. She offers answers to some of our most pressing questions, like “How often should I be having sex?” and “How do I [...]


(Podcast) Two real life money stories

Women will talk about almost everything, so why is it that we have a hard time talking candidly about money? Kami and Steph tackle this taboo topic with a few compelling money factoids that may [...]


(Podcast) Overcoming critic’s math and finding our identity in Jesus

Have you ever noticed how one negative comment can ruin your whole day? Or how a criticism stays stuck in your mind long after a compliment does? We're calling this "critic's math," and talking [...]


(Podcast) When we’re feeling the blahs

Whether it’s eating the same thing over and over, or moving through the same daily routine like a zombie, or having the same argument in our head again and again, we’ve all experienced times when [...]


(Podcast) On detoxing our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls

Steph and Kami dive into the world of detoxification and discuss cleansing your body, your mind and even your soul.


(Podcast) Getting real about body image struggles with special guest Jami

Steph and Becky discuss body image struggles with special guest, Jami, from the popular blog, Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors.

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