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(Podcast) Freedom with Sarah Bessey

Season 2, Episode 014: Freedom with Sarah Bessey

What is Jesus hoping to set you free from?

If you have grown up in Christianity you probably know all about conviction and sin. But what if there's more to the story? If Jesus came to set captives free, what does that really look like in our life? And what if freedom is about even giving up things that aren't necessarily sin?

This week we have the amazing pleasure of interviewing author and blogger, Sarah Bessey. This is an honest conversation about how God is freeing her up in life, showing her the true author of discipline, and how the gentle the voice of the Holy Spirit really is. We'll also examine the role of discipleship and how it's difference than we might have thought.

BONUS Rick wrote a fantastic new free download with his "how to guide" on having a spiritual retreat with Jesus, sign up for the member group to get your copy.

Our member group is growing! There's no charge to be a part of it, but if you are a regular listener here we want to broaden our relationship with you. We will randomly choose people to give stuff to you, reach out to get your input and advice on things and we're going to be praying for you. Click on the button above to join.

This week we are releasing a new devotional for teenagers heading out of high school, whether that's to college or somewhere else. It's about navigating your future with Jesus with relevant devotionals and also life stuff (like what you should always have in your car, and rules for roommates.) It's called Destination: Life, and we want to invite you in spreading this to the next generation, pick up a copy for a graduate you know.

Destination: Life

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