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(Podcast) 600 Days of 24/7 Jesus

Season 2, Episode 21: 600 Days of 24/7 Moments with Jesus

What if spending time with Jesus went beyond a typical pre-packaged daily “quite time”? You vow to get to your 30-minute quiet time and some days you do, but most days you don't. The days you do you're in and out, and don't know why you still aren't seeing Jesus in everything. Days you don't you feel guilty the rest of the day, vowing you will get on top of this.

What if your relationship with Jesus was a 24/7 event where he is invited into every moment, not just a set period of time? What would that look like? Would you laugh with him more? Would you start to feel like you have a regular everyday friendship with him? What would that look like?

Join Becky and special guest Stephanie Hillberry (author) as they unpack a journey they embarked on nearly 600 days ago that involved removing the boundaries that can sometimes artificially exist in a typical quiet time. It started with reading the book The Jesus-Centered Life and has led to a deeper connection with Jesus that occurs in everyday moments throughout their day.

During this episode, Stephanie will share about the process and results of writing some of the newest members of the Jesus-Centered family including, The Jesus Interruption (a unique devotion created specifically for busy mothers) and Namesake (a coloring book/devotion that will help you discover who Jesus says you truly are).

Join the Pigs. Are you ready to go all in with Jesus? Ready to live a life that is free because it's wholly dependent on Jesus? Are you ready to slow down and wallow in the mud puddle stories of Jesus? Join the Pigs. We'll invite you in on exclusive behind the scenes insights, ask your opinion, pray for you and connect you to other Pigs inside our private Facebook group. Join Here.

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