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(Podcast) Overcoming Your Inner Critic

Season 3, Episode 18: Overcoming Your Inner Critic

It's natural for us to be our own biggest critics, scrutinizing ourselves more than we scrutinize others.

This tendency isn't all bad, and can even be helpful at times. But at what point does our ongoing internal conversation turn into a trap, locking us into an untrue identity?

Join Rick as he continues a month-long sampling of the newly released book, Spiritual Grit, by examining the impact a person’s internal narrative has on their identity.

Digging into the Bible, we’ll slow down and pay attention to how Jesus brings freedom by changing the internal narrative of the paralyzed man found in Matthew 9.


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  • Jessica

    Every time Rick said “internal narrative” I heard Becky (Steph and Kami) say “inner mean girl”. Lol
    Great Podcast. Thank you!!

    • celmore

      Thanks for tuning in, Jessica! We love hearing how our listeners relate to the podcast.

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