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(Podcast) Episode 010 Craving a better soul diet

Episode 010: Craving a better soul diet

We know we need to check food labels, and restaurant menus, if our goal is healthy nutrition—that’s why it’s ironic that we're more desensitized to the “cultural diet” we're feeding our souls than ever before. What does a “soul diet” that helps you feel grounded and congruent look like in comparison to a diet that makes you feel dissonant and unsatisfied? And how do we “dine with sinners” while abstaining from a soul-diet that’s toxic to us?
Join Rick and Becky as they unpack the way Jesus tore down the walls of our “compartmentalized life”—He was criticized for hanging out with the wrong crowd and He was criticized for insisting that the “Law” didn’t go far enough. Here’s how we can de-compartmentalize our lives so that Jesus is at the center of all that we do.

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