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Here we go again

Well, it’s happening again. Almost two years ago my family moved from Colorado to Berlin, Germany when my husband accepted a teaching position at a German-American school.

At the time I remember feeling a lot like Ruth--a biblical figure I’d come to highly regard. Ruth was someone who had every reason not to go where God was calling her, and she still went. Leaving her comforts behind, she pursued a life that was uncertain. I clung to her story at the start of my own journey. When we sold our home, our cars, and many other pieces of a life that my family and I built over the course of ten years in order to follow God’s call, I learned a lot about what it means to be brave.

I learned that the decision to go where God has called you is only the beginning. There's so much more in store. There are incredible challenges and a lot of rewards. Since then, I've met so many other sojourners--whether they’re coworkers, missionaries, or refugees--who've made their way away from home to a new place. I’ve walked alongside them and have settled into Berlin with their help.

My two sons have made some amazing friends, too. God has placed some awesome people in their paths, and now we’re faced with the challenge of leaving them. It’s like deja-vu. Only this time I’m finding myself relating more to an Israelite fleeing Egypt than Ruth. When they were leaving Egypt, the Israelites saw some pretty amazing things. They'd already witnessed God’s mighty interventions, and they still stood at the edge of the Red Sea in fear.

How would they cross such a big body of water? What if they were killed? But then, what if they made it across? What waited for them on the other side?

As I face yet another move (this one to place that should be familiar, but I imagine is quite different after two years), I continue to learn more about myself, about my faith, and about Jesus. I’m taking comfort in the knowledge that God came to the Israelite’s rescue again and again, regardless of their faith or their fears, and he will continue to come to my rescue as well. It’s awesome that God still goes ahead of us, just as much as he did before, and he’s already got something planned for my family’s future. My job now is the same as it was before. I need to take a step, move forward, and allow God to show me the miraculous.

When was the last time you stood at the edge of a “sea” and wondered what on earth was waiting for you on the other side? What made you take the step forward?

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  • Pamela Johnson

    I want to thank you for today’s message. I too can so identify with it. I did not have to leave my home to make a change. I had to leave my home church. Because of my surrender to follow my husband who is following God, I have lost the love of my family. It hurts but I KNOW I am doing what God is telling me to do. And that makes life’s burden most bearable. I know that the best is yet to come because God does not do anything or tell us to do anything just to hear Himself talk. He is not a haphazard God. I know He is not going to leave me nor forsake me. That’s my assurance and I am holding to that.

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