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Facing the Fear of What You Don't See Coming


It's what we don't see coming that scares us the most.

Because suddenly, everything can change.

This is the fear that we all stuff down... even when it rears its head.

At any given moment, the worst thing we fear happening to our family can happen.

It's what you don't see coming:

  • A school official will call and explain, "I don't know how to say this...while your kid was trying something in gym class..."
  • A text will arrive from your spouse's phone saying, "Our bank account was just hacked—Call me ASAP!!!"
  • A curfew won't be met, not because someone is rebelling... but because someone won't be coming home.

I'm sorry for being so candid.

A close friend of mine recently sent me this text:

"It's (my daughter's) 12th birthday today. No parent should have to say 'happy birthday' to a memorial stone."

His daughter passed away a year ago, unexpectedly falling over from heart issues while randomly playing.

You've heard these stories.

You've lived these stories.

Suddenly, everything can change.

This is why a relationship with God matters... not as "eternity insurance" for when we die, but because life is small and petty without a larger, deeper perspective. Soon, you'll be looking around for the next tragedy. It unfortunately won't take you long to find it.

But faith is the lens that gives light to the darkness.

It's why when my friend texted me about his daughter I didn't reply back right away. A few hours later, I wrote him this:

"I've been praying about what to say to you today. Haven't found the right words without them sounding like I ripped them off the wall of a Christian bookstore.

So instead I'm going to agree with you about this broken, ugly world. And I'm going to likewise agree that the beauty in your daughter hasn't faded but has been realized and claimed in the reality of heaven. Her smile shines brighter there, reflecting the Light of the Lamb

Meanwhile, I will live with you in between both... with two feet rooted in honesty on this earth, but with the Life of the Spirit within you and I to bear fruit that defies death."

My friend has a relationship with Jesus, too. I sense it's why his reply the following morning was this:

"Psalm 11:2-3: "How amazing are the deeds of the LORD! All who delight in Him should ponder them. Everything He does reveals His glory and majesty. His righteousness never fails."

Suddenly, everything can change.

It's what you don't see coming.

We aren't in control.

But we also aren't alone.

And faith is how you find the courage to keep going.

Can you relate? Share your story...

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