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Simplifying Discipleship with John Eldredge

Season 3, Episode 35: Simplifying Discipleship with John Eldredge

Discipleship. It’s a word Christ followers are probably familiar with, especially if they’ve spent any time around a church. But when we try to explain it, a wide range of descriptions, categories and even practices emerge.

Is it really that complicated? Or is discipleship actually much simpler?

Join Rick as he kicks off a month long series on discipleship with an interview with special guest John Eldredge (bestselling author of Wild at Heart). During the interview, Rick and John discuss the difference between discipleship as a transfer of information and discipleship a pursuit of falling deeper in love with God.


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  • David Matthews

    Thanks for the interview with John Eldredge; it was most helpful, not least because I’m preaching on a related subject tomorrow and it has given me insights that I need to bring out in what I say. I want for myself and those who hear me to love Jesus more. So, thankyou very much.

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