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(Podcast) What if your life is wasted?

Season 2, Episode 18: What if your life is wasted?

We give our best, try our hardest, and give our all.

We chase after self-discipline, fight the good fight, and love our neighbors as ourselves.

We win with love, give peace and kindness.

We're all in for Jesus, and we know he's all in for us.

But what if he wants to take your best and then waste it?

In the Old Testament you were asked to go to the altar and give your best as an offering. You would labor to raise the best calf, the best lamb, or grow the best crop and then set it on the alter and light it on fire. Your best was a sweet smelling offering to the Lord and he was pleased with it.

In a world dominated by the pursuit of the American dream and a world in pursuit of happiness, what would it look like to have your talent, your skill, your best you wasted on the altar? Join us this week as we go back to the Old Testament and look at some places where people like Job were wasted and still gave their best to the Lord.

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