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(Podcast) Waiting on a Promise

Season 2, Episode 27: Waiting on a Promise

If someone you trust promises to do something, then doesn’t do it, it can be devastating. Well, what happens when we embrace a promise Jesus has given us, but we’re stuck waiting for it to happen? And what if it never happens? We feel frustration, anxiety, anger, and fear. And we don’t understand the purpose of the delay.

Join Rick and special guest Conrad Gempf, an author and professor of New Testament studies at the London School of Theology, for a special interview recorded the Simply Jesus Gathering in Colorado. Continuing our July theme of doubt, Rick and Conrad zoom in on the story of Jarius, a synagogue ruler who’s desperate for Jesus to miraculously heal his daughter, and Jesus agrees. But along the way He gets sidetracked, and the daughter dies. Conrad reveals how we are all Jairus in this story, and what Jesus is actually doing in this breeding ground for doubt.

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