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(Podcast) Fighting the Cancer of Self-Doubt

Season 2, Episode 27: Fighting the Cancer of Self-Doubt

Our doubts about ourselves, sometimes buried beneath a façade of overconfidence, eat away at our identity. We hear that sneering voice telling us we’re not good enough, that we’re a failure waiting to happen, and that we should hide the truth about ourselves from others. Self-doubt not only shackles us to fear, but it can infect and thwart our relationship with Jesus. And it’s universal—the issue isn’t if you’ll face self-doubt, it’s how you handle it when it creeps into your life.

Join Rick and his longtime friend Andy Brazelton, the architect of Group’s youth ministry division who’s now an international business consultant, as they talk about their own personal battles with self-doubt, and their journey toward freedom. Through the lens of the Apostle Peter’s own descent into self-doubt, we’ll explore what it takes to keep moving when self-doubt sets in.

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  • Beverly harrison

    Just got done doing your Bible study.It was wonderful:)I miss it already was the first bible study I had ever done.

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