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(Podcast) When you feel like your life needs a hard reset

Episode 016: When you feel like your life needs a hard reset

"My life's a mess. I'm basically grazing carbs from the fridge for dinner, binge-watching Netflix as my nightly exercise, and have converted my dining room table into my full-time closet because I can't manage to put laundry away EVER."

If this sounds at all familiar, we have the episode for you. Join Becky, Kami and Steph as we share our current feelings about getting back on track, what goals we've personally set for this month, and the sneaky traps we're trying to avoid when it comes to discipline and making changes.

Plus we talk about hair. Join us--listen above or subscribe on iTunes.

More from this Episode:

Resource Gush: Diet and Routine downloads

planner cover on ipad 300px

Get one or both of these free downloads on goal-setting and prayer. These two downloads have one thing in common: they ask you to invite Jesus into your plans. Specifically,

  • Both give you ideas for what to pray and listen for from Jesus.
  • Both have printable worksheets.

>> Download the 2-week diet challenge

>> Download the daily routine planner

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