Help! How Do I Pray?


A portable, practical guide that makes prayer as natural as talking to a friend.


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By Mikal Keefer

A good prayer life isn't about how you pray.
It’s about who you're praying to.

Help! How Do I Pray? is a portable, practical guide that takes the guilt and intimidation out of prayer by replacing how-to recipes and formulas with a focus on who you're praying to: Jesus.

You will…

  • Be freed from the guilt of not praying “the right way.”
  • Experience greater confidence as prayer moves from dutiful and boring to natural and effortless, like talking to a friend.
  • Find easy, doable ideas for fresh ways to pray.
  • Explore Scripture references that seamlessly connect prayer to Bible-reading.
  • Use journaling opportunities to demonstrate how your prayer life has deepened.

Easy to gift! Help! How Do I Pray? is part of a new Jesus-centered series of practical guides that are natural gifts for adults and teens wanting to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Collect and share the whole set!


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