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(Podcast) Does Everything Happen for A Reason?

Season 2, Episode 20: Does Everything Happen for A Reason?

God has a plan.
Everything happens for a reason.
All things work together for good.

But what does that mean? If God has a plan, what if his plan isn't the same as mine? What if the thing he is keeping from us that we want so desperately is to protect us? What if God knowing what's best for us, doesn't automatically result in getting what we want?

Join us this week as we interview legendary rock star Brad Corrigan of Dispatch. Despite being one of the most legendary rock stars of one of the most popular bands world-wide, Brad shares about living a life of being single despite having the strong desire to be a family man. Understanding that the chosen lifestyle of spending half his life touring with the band and the other half living in a trash dump in Nicaragua is the reason why that family dream hasn't worked out, he now devotes himself to being a "Spiritual Papa" to kids who sort through trash piles.

This week on Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus Podcast Rick and Becky tackle a mud puddle story that many of you have been asking for us to do, when Jesus curses the fig tree in Mark chapter 11. We will zoom in on what Jesus was really showing us about a tree without fruit on it and how it relates to his will for our lives.

Join the Pigs. Are you ready to go all in with Jesus? Ready to live a life that is free because it's wholly dependent on Jesus? Are you ready to slow down and wallow in the mud puddle stories of Jesus? Join the Pigs. We'll invite you in on exclusive behind the scenes insights, ask your opinion, pray for you and connect you to other Pigs inside our private Facebook group. Join Here.

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