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(Podcast) Dependence > Discipline

Season 2, Episode 24: Dependence > Discipline

Jesus is about to send His disciples on a daunting (to say the least) mission, so what does He do to help them out? He takes every last support and comfort from them before they leave. What gives? Well, join us this week as we slow way down to chew on Matthew 10, where Jesus offers a master class on dependence. How can something that feels so uncomfortable bring us so much life and strength?

With Rick and Becky, learn what it looks like to practice radical dependence on Jesus in your everyday life.

Join the Pigs. Are you ready to go all-in with Jesus? Ready to live a life that is “free indeed,” because you’re wholly dependent on Jesus? Are you ready to slow down and wallow in the mud-puddle stories of Jesus? Join the Pigs. We’ll invite you into exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, give you opportunities to make your voice matter, pray for you, and connect you to other Pigs inside our private Facebook group. Join Here.

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