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(Podcast) How to Put Discipline In Its Place

Season 2, Episode 22: How to Put Discipline In Its Place

When it comes to living a dependent life with Jesus, how much of it is about our effort, and how much is about His effort? Jesus often pointed out religious leaders who were over-emphasizing discipline, and used them as examples of what not to do. But He’s also called us to live our lives on purpose. When He rescued the “adulterous woman,” He told her to “go and sin no more.” And He vowed that not even the smallest detail of God's law will disappear—instead, He promised to “fulfill the law.” What does that mean, anyway?

In the Jesus-Centered Life,

Rick Lawrence offers a path into a life free from all the “shoulds" we like to promote in the church. Join us this week as we dive into Paul's message—to two different audiences spaced five years apart—to see how he reveals the role of discipline in our lives.

Join the Pigs. Are you ready to go all in with Jesus? Ready to live a life that is free because it's wholly dependent on Jesus? Are you ready to slow down and wallow in the mud puddle stories of Jesus? Join the Pigs. We'll invite you in on exclusive behind the scenes insights, ask your opinion, pray for you and connect you to other Pigs inside our private Facebook group. Join Here.

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