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(Podcast) All-In Relationships

Season 2, Episode 31: All-In Relationships

All. In. This describes the level of commitment a relationship thrives on. Through seasons of joy, pain, struggle, and triumph, when two people are all in, their relationship flourishes.

All in is also the level of commitment Jesus has for us, and it's how he hopes we'll feel about him, too.

This is why our interview guests, Justin Rossow, pastor of St. Luke Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor, MI, and his wife, Miriam, have approached their 21-year marriage as a metaphor for their own ongoing intimacy with Jesus, using it as a test kitchen to learn how to communicate, love, listen, and put each other first.

So join us as we conclude our series of episodes recorded at the 2017 Simply Jesus Gathering with an intimate and honest view at marriage, intimacy, and how all of us, married or single, can be all in with Jesus.

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  • KS

    I’ve been following your podcasts over the last six months and this one was my absolute favorite !! It completely clicked with me and made clear various points in my mind. Thank you!!!!

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