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(Podcast) Outrageously Committed to Marriage

Season 2, Episode 30: Outrageously Committed to Marriage

Welcome to episode 50 of Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus! We can't believe it but we’re celebrating a YEAR of the podcast and want to say a BIG thank you to all of our listeners.

Today’s episode is on marriage, where two wills combine into one. Two broken people with opposing views combining their wills until death do them part… (Who's idea was that?! It’s just crazy!) And yet, it's in the moments that we or our spouses fall short in marriage that we cling to Jesus with everything we've got.

Join us this week for a special 50th episode that shares stories from real people in real marriages,
and how Jesus came through. Some of them ended in divorce, some of them stayed together, but in every one Jesus revealed to them a greater understanding of his never-ending love.

This episode is inspired by a project we've been working on at the Jesus-Centered Life called We: Outrageously Committed to My Marriage. Our goal was to unlock the stories of real marriages and how Jesus brought hope and healing to them. This collection of stories is combined into a 52 week devotion giving hope and healing for marriages. Experience the powerful healing of We for yourself or a friend.

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